Author: printheroes

Taste of Coffee

Hi! I am Emily, and I’m a coffee enthusiast. I love everything about coffee, and I have a routine every morning where I make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy it by my window while watching the sunrise.   One day, my best friend gifted me a customized mug with my name and a […]

Jollof Recovery

My name is Ngozi, and I’m the owner of a successful catering business in Lagos, Nigeria. My journey started in my home kitchen, where I prepared delicious meals for my family and friends. Soon enough, I realized that I had a gift, and people were willing to pay for my culinary skills. When I first […]

Wedding Palava

Ehn! Make I yarn una the tori of how me and my babe, Funmi take plan our wedding. E no easy o! We don dey date for almost three years, and we don decide to jump the broom. First, we get to decide on the venue, the guest list, the catering, the decoration and of […]

“Engraving Our Way to Success”

  Have you heard the one about Lagos Leatherworks and their personalized engraved gifts? Well, let me tell you, it’s a real hoot! Lagos Leatherworks was a small business in Nigeria that made some seriously impressive leather products. But even with all their talent, they were having a hard time catching the attention of new […]


How you are perceived. Whether you are a one man business or the employee of thousands, you and your staff owing your company Identity Card that shows you work there and they work work there as well makes clients, customers and other business owners take you and your business seriously. This should also be one […]