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My name is Ngozi, and I’m the owner of a successful catering business in Lagos, Nigeria. My journey started in my home kitchen, where I prepared delicious meals for my family and friends. Soon enough, I realized that I had a gift, and people were willing to pay for my culinary skills.

When I first started my catering business, I used my home kitchen equipment to cook and package food for my customers. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined to make it work. And soon, I landed a big client – a company in Lekki that wanted to order lunch for its employees every day.
At first, I was nervous about taking on such a large order. I didn’t know if I could handle the volume of food or the pressure of delivering it on time every day. But I didn’t let my doubts get in the way. Instead, I got to work, using my limited resources to create delicious meals for the company’s employees.
Every morning, I woke up early and got to work in my kitchen. I cooked and packaged the food with care, making sure every meal was perfect. Then, I loaded the containers onto my small delivery van and headed to Lekki to deliver the food.
It wasn’t always easy – sometimes I hit traffic, or the company changed its order at the last minute. But I never gave up. I persevered, staying focused on my goal of providing quality meals to the company’s employees.
And my hard work paid off. The company’s employees loved the food I provided, and soon, they started placing additional orders for events and meetings. My business began to grow, and I realized that even with limited resources, I could achieve great success.
One weekend, Joshua, one of the staff of the company, was hanging out with one of his friends in his house when he mentioned that needed someone to cater for some executives at his club. Joshua quickly reached out to one of his colleague for Ngozi’s contact as he did not have it and she never left a flyer nor a sticker on her food package but the colleagues number isn’t reachable. Joshua was disappointed and Ngozi didn’t get the job as there was no way to reach her.
The next day, Monday, Joshua told me what happened and I was deeply pained because I needed that money. He advised that I ensure to make stickers and include all methods to contact me including my QR code. I took the advice wholly as I needed every contract I could get.

I decided to create custom stickers featuring my business logo and branding, with a unique twist. Instead of just being a fun and playful design, I printed the stickers with a QR code that led customers to my website and social media pages. It also included my phone numbers and address.
I worked with a local graphic designer to create a sticker design that would catch people’s attention and make them want to scan the code. I then ordered a batch of stickers and started placing them on all of my food packaging and delivery containers.
To my delight, the stickers proved to be a huge hit with my customers. They loved the idea of being able to easily connect with me and learn more about my business.

My Social media following increased. The stickers also served as a point of differentiation for my business, helping me to build brand recognition and loyalty.
As word spread about my catering service, more and more customers began scanning the QR codes on my stickers. They discovered new menu items, read reviews from other customers, and even followed my business on social media. The stickers helped to create a sense of community around my brand, as customers felt connected to me and my business.

The stickers not only helped me to stand out in a crowded market, but they also served as a point of increased sales. Customers were more likely to order from me again and recommend me to others because of the unique branding.

From that day forward, I made sure to include stickers with every order I delivered. They became a signature part of my business, helping me to build a loyal following and stand out from the competition. By using the stickers as a way to connect with my customers and share my business contacts, I had found a simple but effective way to differentiate my business and build a strong customer base.

My success story shows that even in the face of challenges, there is always room for growth and innovation. By staying focused, seeking out resources and support, building strong relationships with customers, and being open to new ideas, business owners in Lagos can achieve great success. So stay motivated and keep pushing forward.


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